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From the desk of:
Tom Yevsikov, Gaurab Borah & Yogesh Agarwal
Congratulations and Thank you for Investing in PointRank.

You’ve made a great choice and you’re about to start getting massive rankings without any experience, work or even creating your video.
PointRank is the #1 solution for you as of right now and I can’t wait to see your screenshots and testimonials and happiness over time.

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If there’s one thing I hate about UPSELLS and OTO’s and UPGRADES and Uptioes is that without them you cannot get the desired result you were promised in the first place.

And that’s a shame, borderline scammy practice.

So I’m here to tell you that although I have a special offer, it is OPTIONAL, you will still get rankings, videos and automation from PointRank.

However what I have for you today is completely next level stuff, that you will WANT to take advantage of.

And don’t worry, there’s... 
No Extra Work, Just EXTRA Features That Get You THE MAXIMUM Amount Of Results!
No extra training you need to follow, no new adventurous ways to rank and make money... NAH...

Just powerful changes that drive so much more traffic for you without ANY work on your part.

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Pointrank PRO
PointRank PRO Contains Everything You Need To SCALE And Get NEXT Level Results In NO TIME.
  • Never WORRY about running out of cashflow from clients or hitting a limitation with the amount of youtube account to add with this upgrade, we give you UNLIMITED youtube accounts with this upgrade.
  •  Remove ALL limitations once and for all with 1 click, unlimited youtube accounts, unlimited campaigns, unlimited automations, unlimited rankings! On the normal have very strict limitation that we can afford to keep in our system, with the’s all gone!
  •  MORE traffic and FASTER by ranking for multiple keywords at once! How? Well another limitation removed is the fact that you can run unlimited Live Events and not hit a wall once you want to SCALE!
  •  800% MORE Traffic INSTANTLY by finally having the ability to run MULTIPLE campaigns at the same time! Normally just 1 at a time..with the pro, you can do whatever you want, as much as you want, for as long as you want!
And That’s Just A FEW Benefits Out Of The Many.
Fact is, with the PRO Upgrade, you will simply beat the competition like no other marketer and siphon INCREDIBLE amounts of extra traffic for your niche in NO time.

And yes, with the SAME simplicity as in PointRank standard. NOTHING changes, NO extra work.

Just extra features...
Here are the INSANE Advantages that make the magic of the PRO upgrade happen:
Advantage #1 
Add Unlimited Youtube Accounts (Instead of 5)
With the normal version you get only 5 accounts to add at the same time. It’s good enough to get a few clients and make some recurring money..

It’s good enough if you want to rank only 1..or for a few partners/ friends/ employees.

But you’ll hit a wall. What then?

Then...the PRO upgrade will be far more save yourself the hassle, and money, and go pro TODAY.

Advantage #2
Create Unlimited Campaigns (Instead of 10 monthly)
Right now you can create 10 campaigns per month, which is enough to get rankings and get traffic. But what if you want to scale, get more traffic make big income, go BIG?

But you’ll hit a wall. What then?

Then...the PRO upgrade will be far more save yourself the hassle, and money, and go pro TODAY.

Advantage #3 
Rank Unlimited Times By Running Unlimited Live Events (Instead of 100)
Why worry about hitting a wall after running 100 live events.. Why feel so limited?

You know, if you only want to rank and make some money per month and then wait for the next month to move on - then you don’t really need this removal.

But if you want to just relax and let it all run unlimited times without worrying, just grab this.
Advantage #4 
Run MULTIPLE Campaigns At The Same Time (Instead of waiting for one to be over or pausing)
This one is killer but is also very taxing on our technical system. Which is why we limited you to run only campaigns at a time in the normal version.

But in the pro - you can run MULTIPLE at the same time. This is the main part responsible for the huge increase in rankings and traffic.

Imagine you have multiple keywords to rank, multiple niches, and multiple clients? This will allow you to do it ALL together, and simply go WILD!

Advantage #5 
VIDEO SPINNING! Spin-tax Support (Instead of NO spin-tax support)
Article Spinning is a very critical part of Google Ranking Automation.

However did you hear about VIDEO spinning?
Well this is what this does..

It allows you to take the same video and the same product and the same niche and the same everything and spin the descriptions, titles, tags, and rank the same piece of content for multiple angles and multiple audiences at the same time.

It’s powerful, In-genius and will explode your profits by 800%!

And you’re getting ALL these extra features and their benefits by simply upgrading to the PRO!

And To make this a TOTAL NO Brainer for you..

Full HD Quality Live Streaming - 1080P - Boosts credibility, trust, traffic, sales and rankings!
You see, when you rank a low quality video, you may rank and people will click but you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

There will be plenty of people who will turn their backs and plenty of clients who will not be impressed simply because of low quality live streaming.

Why struggle? If you take action fast you’ll get access to a very critical bonus feature!

Once you start uploading HD Videos in amazing quality, your videos will have more credibility, more traffic, more sales, youtube rankings will go upwards and trust will skyrocket!

And nothing changes for just let us do the work.

This is a COMPLETE NO Brainer. 
With the PointRank Triple Threat upgrade, you’ll put everything on Ranksnap standard on steroids, but also, you’ll have a huge advantage over your competition, and, you’ll actually index more!

But, get social media traffic at the same time.
You ready to tap into the extra 90% of traffic INSTANTLY? Start here:
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special launch ends, prices Increase)
And don’t forget..

You’re Covered By Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

This is very simple.
I don’t like games, or scams.
I like honest marketing and honest customers.

If you upgrade to this Triple Threat upgrade and within 14 days you decide for WHATEVER reason to just stop.
Then I will refund you.

This is on purpose so you can feel safe when using it knowing that if anything goes wrong - you’re covered.
And, I know I have a higher chance of getting you to invest in the upgrade.

So let’s get you those crazy results and SWARM you with targeted search engine traffic even for the toughest keywords.

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All the best,
Tom, Gaurab & Yogesh
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