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Want A KILLER Offer To Promote This APRIL? INSANE Hook & Funnel On A NEVER SEEN BEFORE VIDEO SEO Software That Generates, Optimizes & Ranks A Video In Just 7 Clicks & 2 min!
Combine This MAGNETIC And SUPER Converting Sales Copy And Funnel, Sprinkle In Our Easy Prizes Throughout The Entire Launch And You Get One Heck Of A Promotion.
Join Us On MOnday, April 22 @ 10:00 AM EST
  •  Multiple 6 Figure SEO & Traffic Launches, this one's NO different.
  •  Super tight and well positioned funnel (NO 'Filler' Upsells)
  •  Premium tool that helps tap into video traffic and provides automation with few clicks of a mouse
  •  LIVE proof and testimonials infused into the sales process and a KILLER hook
  •  Thousands in Prizes paid instantly via Paypal.
Don’t Miss Out The Launch Updates. Enter your name and email below for special JV contest & important launch details.
50% Funnel Commissions, Up To $282.5/Sale. Over $4,000 In JV prizes and surprise contests! Promote On Warriorplus.
What the fuss is all about?
Tell Me About Your Product... 
Is It Really Incredible?
No traffic = NO BUSINESS!

SEO is tiresome, hard, boring, expensive and it takes forever to to see little traffic and results.

Paid traffic is getting costlier and competitive every day. It has become harder and harder to drive high quality traffic.

It's NO SECRET - "videos" gets the highest quality traffic online!
And getting ranked on YouTube is the best way to to get that kind of traffic.

And doing LIVE EVENTS or LIVE STREAMS are the best way to get ranked super fast and enjoy all the Free traffic..
But it's not as easy as it sounds...

Doing LIVE STREAMS everyday is a pain, finding new ideas, new content each day is a lot of work...
Plus not everyone can face the camera LIVE... Right? 

So we thought, why not find a solution to AUTOMATE everything...

We built a smart & advanced "LIVE EVENT Automation software" from scratch, implemented it our business...
we were SHOCKED with the results we got!

It puts every other Video marketing software to shame...

And now we want to share it with the community to help our fellow marketers and you...
Get Page #1 Rankings In MINUTES Without Backlinks, Video Creation OR ANY SEO Knowledge.

This All In One Cloud Platform Creates, Optimizes & Ranks Videos For You By Leveraging The Power Of MILLION DOLLAR+ Videos!

1st of it's Kind - AUTOMATE And Schedule Your LIVE EVENTS On YouTube For Month With A Few Clicks and Enjoy FREE & Highly Targeted Traffic Every Single Day!
  •  Go LIVE With Pre-Recorded Videos
  •  AUTOMATE The Entire Month Of LIVE EVENTS In Few Clicks, Set & Forget (1st VIDEO Software To Do It Ever)
  •  Use Same Video/ Or Different Video For Each Live Stream, Our Unique Technology That Makes Each Video Unique
  •  Make Your Videos Stand Out With Our In-Built Video Revamp Tool and Thumbnail Editor
  •  Set Up Once And Enjoy FREE Traffic For Months To Come.
STEP#1 - Enter Your KEYWORD
Enter the keyword for which you want to drive traffic to your offer. PointRank then go out and find the top ranking videos for your keyword. It will then extract the Title/Description/Tags of Top Ranked videos for you to select, edit and add your own variation.
STEP#2 - setup campaign in 2 min
Select a single video/videos from our gallery, set up for how many times you want to go LIVE. You can schedule your all your LIVE events for next 1 week or even a month with just few clicks.

Every day, PointRank will check if your video is still ranked at the top and do another LIVE video on Automation and it will keep doing it to keep you ranked at the top. Plus it will post to social media to get your more Free traffic and link juice.

STEP#3 - sit back, enjoy free traffic
Now that you have scheduled everything, all you need to do is sit back and see the high quality and highly targeted traffic rolling in every single day on complete Automation and enjoy. 

Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
The Sales Funnel Highly Compliments The Front End Offer All The Way Through!
We build our funnels to maximise your EPCs and over-deliver value. People love our products and we make sure we boost your commissions to the MAX...
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Check Out Our High Converting Upsells!
($37-$47 @ 50% Commissions)
(Commercial License Included)

This is a 1st of it's kind software. Set up a AUTOMATION Live Event for 30 Days in just 2 min and keep enjoying Free, Fast & Highly Targeted Traffic. Create multiple Automation events on multiple Youtube accounts and drive traffic to different niches, different offers of yours. 
  • Create Single LIVE Events
  • Create AUTOMATION LIVE Events
  • Add Multiple YouTube Accounts
  • Find & Extract Key Ranking Factors From Top Videos
  • Upload A Pre-Recorded Video Or Find A Video To Use Legally
  • Use Multiple Videos Or A Single Video - Our Technology Makes Each Video Unique When It Goes LIVE
($67 @ 50% Commissions)
Unlock the power of UNLIMITED Youtube Accounts & UNLIMITED Automations. Drive UNLIMITED traffic to your offers. 
  • Add UNLIMITED Youtube Accounts
  • Create UNLIMITED Single Events
  • Video Revamper
  • Image/Thumbnail Editor
  • *Full HD Quality Live Stream - 1080P 
($47 @ 50% Commissions)
Every time any of your video go LIVE, it takes your link and share it to different social media platforms to get more traffic and link juice.
  • Automated Traffic From Social Media
  • Unlimited Accounts In Social Media
  • Ability To Configure Data Posting Format In Social Media
  • Automatic Repost After 2-5 Days
  • Ping all the links of social media posts
($197 @ 50% Commissions)
Reseller Rights License so you can sell it to other online and offline marketers and make a bank. Comes with our sales material and Reseller Panel to add/remove users on your own.
Over $4,000 In Prize Money
We strongly believe in rewarding our partners heavily for their efforts, that's why we have tons of extra cash prizes for you...
(22st April - 28th April)
*There is no minimum for the contests but you must have made commissions equal to or greater than the value of the prize. If this criteria is not met, then your prize money will equal your commissions.
More Cash Prizes Will Be Announced During The Launch... Stay Tuned!
(Teams of no more than 2 people are allowed, should be informed before we go live)
*All contests are based on total revenue/gross sales generated.
7 More Reasons To Promote Us...
 Hot Market & In Demand Product
This is one software every online and offline marketer needs in 2018 and beyond. Mobile/ SMS marketing is on rise every year and SMSBOT is the best way to do it.
 Quality Product 
We have a record of creating high-quality product for our buyers and this is no less. People need this and they will thank you for recommending this to them.
 24 X 7 JV Support
We support our JV and affiliate partners 24/7. We are always here to help you with anything you need to make more money with your promotions.
 40+ POTD/WSOTD Awards 
Together we have over 50+ Product of the Day (JVZOO POTD/WSOTD) awards and we know what it takes to create a best-selling offer.
 6 Figure Copywriting & Design
We don’t leave any stones unturned and we want you to make the most commissions and that’s why we hired the best copywriters and designers in the industry. We don’t mess around and always get the maximum conversions.
 100% FREE Retargeting
We will re-target visitors you send to sales page, and bring them back to the website to make you more commissions.
  We've Got Your Back... WE RECIPROCATE HARD!
As you know, when we promote we promote hard. We have been featured over 200+ leaderboards and mostly TOP #3 positions. But it has to be both ways, right? It doesn't matter how many sales you get, but if you give your 100% promoting my launch, we will give our 200% to make your launch a success.
RANKSNAP Generated Over $163,165 In Revenue And 3 X JVZOO POTD Awards. Many JVs converted at over $10+ EPCs.
Tom's launch LiveBlaster2 did over $150k during the launch week, with over $9 EPCs across the funnel. CRAZY huh!
Gaurab's launch SMSBOT did over $126k during the launch week and multiple POTD awards. 
  EVEN OUR info product LAUNCH crossed $103,547.80 revenue, sold over 2817 units, with JVs getting $10+EPCs, plus tons of real student results inside our Facebook group!rds. 
Pindrill was the hottest social media launch of May 16. It did over 3100+ funnel sales and generated over $146k during the 5 day launch period.
Below are just few of the 100+ Front End Sales promos we did for our JV partners! And we can do the same for you...
Here are few of the random leaderboards we have been featured in and that I can find in the inbox right at the moment:
High Converting Email Swipes!
Want an easy 4-fig/5-fig promo? Grab these high-converting swipes and make tons of easy sales. Make sure you edit them and give your own unique touch for maximum results!
Let's connect! Find us here!
If you need anything at all, regarding the promotion or you just want to get in touch with us and say "Hi". Feel free to contact us below, we would love to hear from you:
(JV Manager & 6-Figure Copywriter)
(Launch Manager)
Mark Your Calendars For MONDAY, 22 APRIL 2019. We Are Going To Make You Lots Of Money While Helping Your Customers!
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The new FTC Guidelines for affiliate marketing came into effect on December 1st 2009. We take great strides to ensure transparent, vanilla clean marketing. As an affiliate or JV partner for SMSBot, you've read and fully agree to the terms listed on the Official FTC Website - https://www.ftc.gov/bcp/guides/guides.html to ensure that you're promotions are compliant with the new guidelines.

By participating in the launch, you agree that you will adhere to FTC guidelines when promoting our products and services. In addition, you accept that you must follow these guidelines if approved for this affiliate program or any of our future affiliate programs. Doing otherwise may result in you being terminated from the affiliate program and forfeiting any outstanding commissions.

- Do not send Spam of any kind. Ad Fly, Traffic Monsoon, any of these types of "cheap traffic sources" are exactly that. Cheap. You will be banned from this and all future offers if you utilize any of these methods.

- Do not use negative words such as 'scam' in any promotional campaign. If we find your advertisement, we will remove your affiliate account from our system.

- Do not offer cash rebates to people who buy through your affiliate link.

- Do not misrepresent the product and offer. You must follow any endorsement rules and regulations that are applicable both in the country where you are based and in the countries from which you are sending website traffic or advertising in.

- As an affiliate, if you purchase the product under your own link, we will void your commissions.

- All prizes will be rewarded via PayPal after the launch closes.

- You must have 100+ prior confirmed affiliate sales and less than 8% Refund Rates to qualify for instant commissions.
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